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Innovating for Real World Problems
2023 competition theme is on Forward SG. The problem statements are scoped based on the pillars of Forward SG. During the competition hackathon, you can further frame the problem statements to specific beneficiaries.

Find out more about the Forward SG and Smart Nation initiative in Singapore:

6 pillars of Forward SG

CARE (Health Care & Services)

Objective: To enable every Singaporean to lead a dignified and fulfilling life, and to better care for themselves and for others around them.


  • From healthcare provision to population health – a society where Singaporeans are empowered to live longer and healthier, and age with confidence
  • From support measures for parenthood to a supportive environment for strong families – a resilient society that values family well-being, supports caregiving and gives every child a good start
  • From social assistance to social empowerment – many helping hands working together to uplift families and individuals in need, and to provide opportunities for all to progress in life


Objective: To foster a more sustainable way of life that stewards our resources responsibly for future generations. Amidst the evolving global landscape and climate challenges, how we manage our shared environmental and fiscal resources will determine the success and the future of our nation.


  • Balance the cost of climate change across generations
  • Tackle fiscal constraints and balance the potential trade-offs
  • Play our roles as stewards of our shared resources



Objective: To grow our sense of belonging to Singapore, our commitment to citizenship and our sense of mutual responsibility towards each other.


a) Deepen our sense of belonging to Singapore, and identify with each other as fellow citizens of Singapore;

b) Strengthen our bonds with each other, and relate to each other with mutual trust, regardless of race, language, or religion;

c) Build a better society for each other, and act to help one another, especially those in need, and thus make our society a place where everyone can live fulfilling lives – based on justice and equality.


Objective: To empower every Singaporean to have lifelong employability in a more competitive economy amidst an uncertain world.


  • Groom local talents to seize leadership opportunities
  • Support multiple pathways of career progress and give Singaporeans the ability to take charge of their career health
  • Support our people to remain resilient and adaptable, and help them bounce back from setbacks
  • Provide peace of mind in retirement for all, with greater support for the vulnerable
  1. EQUIP

Objective: To equip every Singaporean with the opportunity to thrive, grow and realise their aspirations, regardless of their starting point in life.

Singapore’s prosperity and growth should continue to remain inclusive and benefit all Singaporeans. To ensure this, we need to focus on equipping everyone with a strong foundation and learning disposition to tap on opportunities to thrive, grow and realise their aspirations.


  • Build a strong foundation of sound values and a supportive family environment for every child
  • Provide diverse learning models to nurture students of diverse abilities
  • Offer multiple pathways to success by catering to learners’ strengths and interests
  • Care for students with special educational needs and build a more inclusive society
  • Embrace continuous and lifelong learning beyond school years for everyone

Forward SG Pillar: Care- Health & Social Support

1. How can we formulate action plans to promote healthy and active ageing?

2. How can we attract locals to Nursing and Allied Health profession?

3. How can the Public Healthcare administration be more holistic in resolving issues raised by patients/next-of-kin?

4. How can we ensure a healthy Singapore, one that encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual health?

Forward SG Pillar: Empower- Economy & Jobs

5. How can we get youths to develop a heightened sense of exploring and joining the industry that matches their passion?

6. How can we help youths be better prepared for their careers?

7. How can we empower youth to make consulting as part of their career planning?

Forward SG Pillar: Equip- Education & Lifelong Learning

8. How can we create inner motivation in youths and young adults?

9. How can we gamify a set of classroom management tools/ stories for students to learn/ behave/ study better by using intrinsic and extrinsic motivation methodologies?

10. How can we help singers/ speakers to improve their vocal health, sound better, and overcome any stage anxiety issues?

Forward SG Pillar: Unite- Singapore Identity

11. How can we encourage and promote youths to make team sports an integral part of their lives to forge a common identity?

12. How can we reduce the negativity of social media? (E.g., FOMO, cyberbullying, unrealistic life expectations, and self-image issues, etc.)

13. How can we encourage youth to be more empathetic and have a greater sense of social responsibility?

Forward SG Pillar: Build- Home & Living Environment

Forward SG Pillar: Environment & Fiscal Sustainability  

14. How can we tap on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase efficiency of work or study?

15. How can we promote/ educate elderly on housing & Central Provident Funds (CPF) policies to make informed decisions?

16. How can we digitise traditional offline businesses to go online and bring their goods and services closer to their consumers?

17. How can we increase awareness on how to handle people in the Web3 era?

18. How can we pace up SMEs in digital transformation to keep up with changing business landscape?

Forward SG Pillar: Environment & Fiscal Sustainability  

19. How can we develop healthy spending habits aligned to become good stewards of Singapore’s shared resources?

20. How can we spark change towards sustainability on a personal level? (Create awareness / prioritise action plans etc.)

21. How might we enhance food security in our neighbourhoods?

22. How can we reduce food waste and single used plastic during events?


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