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Innovating for Real World Problems
These are the problem statements crafted based on the theme “Forward SG”. You can select from the 4 main categories of Healthcare, Youth, Sustainability and Smart Nation. As you work on the problem statement, you may further define the target beneficiary or reframe and issue based on your research.
If you want to submit a problem statement of your own, please do so on the problem statement bidding date. It must be aligned to the Forward SG theme and subject to the organiser’s approval.

Find out more about the Forward SG and Smart Nation initiative in Singapore:

Please refer to these resources for the Problem Statements:

1. What innovative and sustainable approaches can improve the health of Singapore’s population?
2. How can we create feasible and innovative solutions to reduce caregiver burnout?
3. How can we create a more inclusive community that supports individuals with disabilities?

4. How can we help youth build resilience to cope with stress?
5. How can we inspire greater empathy and social responsibility among young people?
6. How can we support young people in cultivating healthy habits while addressing challenges such as vaping or gaming addiction?

7. How can we tap on Artificial Intelligence (AI) responsibly to increase efficiency of work or study?
8. How can we better enhance individual’s cyber security? (E.g. misinformation, scams, data theft, hacking, or others)
9. How can we innovate affordable and accessible assistive technologies to improve the quality of life for elderly citizens living independently in Singapore?

10. How can we transit to a more circular economy by 2030, reducing waste in areas such as food waste, electronic waste, packaging, or carbon emissions?
11. How can Singapore enhance food security, considering challenges such as reliance on imports, limited land for food production, and external threats like climate change?
12. How can we promote sustainable living practices among Singaporeans?


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