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Innovating for Real World Problems
These are the problem statements crafted based on the theme “Forward SG”. You can select from the 4 main categories of Healthcare, Youth, Sustainability and Smart Nation. As you work on the problem statement, you may further define the target beneficiary or reframe and issue based on your research.
If you want to submit a problem statement of your own, please do so on the problem statement bidding date. It must be aligned to the Forward SG theme and subject to the organiser’s approval.

Find out more about the Forward SG and Smart Nation initiative in Singapore:

Forward SG Pillar: Care- Health & Social Support

  1. How can we formulate action plans to promote healthy and active ageing?
  2. How can we attract locals to Nursing and Allied Health profession?
  3. How can we ensure a healthy Singapore, one that encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual health?

Forward SG Pillar: Empower- Economy & Jobs

4. How can we get youths to develop a heightened sense of exploring and joining the industry that matches their passion?

5. How can we help youths be better prepared for their careers?

6. How can we empower youth to make consulting as part of their career planning?

Forward SG Pillar: Equip- Education & Lifelong Learning

7. How can we help children and youths to stay focused while doing their homework online or attending online lessons?

8. How can we enable youths to make the most out of the soft skills training that they receive in school through enrichment programmes, CCA etc.

Forward SG Pillar: Unite- Singapore Identity

9. How can we encourage and promote youths to make team sports an integral part of their lives to forge a common identity?

10. How can we reduce the negativity of social media? (E.g., FOMO, cyberbullying, unrealistic life expectations, and self-image issues, etc.)

11. How can we encourage youth to be more empathetic and have a greater sense of social responsibility?

Forward SG Pillar: Build- Home & Living Environment

Forward SG Pillar: Environment & Fiscal Sustainability  

12. How can we tap on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase efficiency of work or study?
13. How can we promote/ educate seniors on housing & Central Provident Funds (CPF) policies to make informed decisions?

Forward SG Pillar: Environment & Fiscal Sustainability  

14. How can we develop healthy spending habits aligned to become good stewards of Singapore’s shared resources?

15. How can we spark change towards sustainability on a personal level? (Create awareness / prioritise action plans etc.)

16. How might we enhance food security in our neighbourhoods?


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