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The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth seeks to inspire Singaporeans through the arts and sports, strengthen community bonds, and promote volunteerism and philanthropy. The Ministry aims to bring into sharper focus the efforts to build a more cohesive and vibrant society, and to deepen a sense of identity and belonging to the nation.

MCCY will work with its stakeholders to create an environment where Singaporeans can pursue their aspirations for a better quality of life and together, build a gracious and caring society we are proud to call home. The Young TrailBlazers 2023 partners with MCCY as a channel where it can facilitate the national conversations with the young entrepreneurs in a diverse and meaningful way.

Our vision is to unite our people to PROTECT, PROVIDE and PRESERVE Singapore for perpetuity. SG100 Foundation is not affiliated to any political party or religious organization. The reason why we formed this group is simply because we love Singapore and we want the generations to come to continue to enjoy the peace, progress and prosperity that this beloved red dot is known for.

SG100 Foundation sees the value in engaging the youths in this competition in this national conversations on the kind of society they want to build for their future. The Young TrailBlazers 2023 aligns to the heartbeat of this vision: building a nation for our next generations.

In the Forward Singapore exercise, Singaporeans are exploring the values, priorities, and policies needed to strengthen our social compact for the next bound of our nation’s journey. From the engagements to date, some common values that our people hold dear have emerged: promoting fairness, deepening inclusiveness, and creating a culture of giving back. Singaporeans also offered varied suggestions, ranging from how we might broaden pathways to success and ensure greater opportunities for all, to strengthening assurance for workers and families.

The Young TrailBlazers 2023 theme is aligned to the 6 pillars of Forward SG. This is a great opportunity to engage our young participants in nation building exercises and in conversations that can make a difference in the society they are living in and impact their next generation.


Shandi Global impossibly goes beyond, this time, with young innovators! The secret recipe? A dash of empowerment and a spoonful of opportunities! Aside from serving 4000 healthy plant-based meals to schools and hospitals each day to push for health and food security, we also advocate for an innovative future: cultivating skills and providing resources to the younger generation as they discover the power of their ideas and potential.

We don’t just make food — we also pave the way for our young innovators! Imagine a world wherein each young individual is guided and empowered?

Shandi started from scratch, with one “Eureka!” moment leading to creating a revolutionary plant-based product, and we are here to support those with even the smallest of ideas and help them create a legacy through meaningful results!

Do you also believe that the young generation is the hope of our future? We do!


*SCAPE Co. Ltd is a non-profit organisation with its mission and vision rooted in support of youth, talent and leadership development. The organisation aims to facilitate youth-oriented programmes and support within various communities of youth interest. Be inspired and empowered to Dream it. Live it. At *SCAPE!

Feed 9 Billion is an open ecosystem platform to Feed 9.8 Billion people by 2050. We aim to do so through raising the awareness of food sustainability, innovation and collaboration. Our focus is creating awareness and engaging individuals, startups and companies to think about creating solutions through innovating in the food space to feed 9.8 billion people by year 2050, of which 5.5 billion people would come from Asia.

Feed 9 Billion, as a platform would bring everyone closer in the ecosystem to create impact together, whether you are an entrepreneur, startup, small and medium sized business, corporate, institution (educational, venture capitalist, incubator, accelerator), or government.

The Sandbox (TSB) is Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Office. The Sandbox runs programmes to nurture the entrepreneurial growth of NP’s students – such as interdisciplinary modules, business plan competitions, overseas innovation challenges, hackathons, etc. As drivers of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E), TSB is the place for NP’s students and alumni to realise the potential within themselves. The Sandbox believes, supports and spreads the I&E spirit through our repertoire of funding, events, workshops, programmes and incubator spaces.

Our goal is to cultivate and promote both the ethical use and mass adoption of blockchain technology, starting with Developers. Young trailblazers 2023 partners with SEED with the hope of educating and equipping our youths to use technologies to build a SMART NATION with high quality of security online.


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