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Background of companies

A biotech start-up with a vision to provide a solution to animal testing with in vitro 3D organ model techniques. We specialise in providing the Beauty and Personal Care industry a means to access the burgeoning Asian market through our unique one-stop solution and extensive network of partners within Singapore and across the Asia-Pacific region.


Providing training to SME on Digital Marketing

Apphocus provides efficient and innovative IT solutions to optimize business workflow, serving clients globally for their marketing, advertising, security, administrative, and financial needs.

We are training and Consulting organisations based in Singapore.We help teams and individuals to unlock the power of transforming perspectives for team engagement and performance.We provide training /talk/coaching services for students to help them learn how balance EQ with IQ.We train educators to bring out the best from students with our signature program “Perspective to Performance “.

Boutique coaching institution focusing on 3 areas of coaching: money management, mastery of people skills, and mindset transformation

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Our university aims to develop technically-grounded leaders to build a better world by design

Flying Cape is an online platform that makes it easy for parents to find and book classes at one trusted location, best price guaranteed. With 500 education partners spread across more than 700 locations in Singapore, our booking platform ( offers not only the convenience to find the widest range of classes but also offer validated tools which parents can use to help select the best classes for their children’s needs.

Asian Coach Pte Ltd

We help organizations to transform the way they work and make decisions to achieve better outcomes.

Sogurt was founded in 2010, and we were excited to be the first to introduce a novel concept of a fully self-serve frozen yogurt store in sunny Singapore. Our fun and fresh DIY bar encouraged our community to explore endless possibilities of innovative flavours and toppings; creating the most photo-worthy, groundbreaking, outrageous and quirky mixes!

IH BioEnergy Services

Business Innovations

Prudential Singapore has been serving the financial and protection needs of Singaporeans for over 88 years. Our focus is to bring well-rounded financial and health solutions to customers through our multi-channel distribution network, with product offerings in Protection, Savings and Investment. As lead collaborator in this Prudential Young Trailblazers innovation competition, we are looking to co-create useful and practical solutions with the communities around us.

SGH is the largest and oldest hospital in Singapore with 1,700 beds. SGH was ranked as the third best hospital in the world by Newsweek in 2019.

Yong-en Care Centre is an IPC located in Chinatown and has been serving the community since 1996. Yong-en Care Centre offers a wide range of services and partnerships to care for those in need:

(1) Family Support Services

(2) Elderly Services (Dementia Day Care, Home Care Service, Active Ageing)

(3) Community Engagement.

Studio Aubergine is a collaborative effort of passionate industrial designers from sunny Singapore. With a lighthearted outlook to life, we take delight in constructing solutions for a comfy-er, fun-er and happier life.

Love to Learn Edu Hub

Love To Learn exists to make education better. More empowering, more relevant, more customised, more like a way of life and less like a chore.

Bridgewater Holdings Pte Ltd

Investment vehicle with a focus on local and overseas media projects.

SiloamXperience Outreach Limited (SOL) is about PEOPLE. It was birthed with a mission to bring about awareness in people that they have the power to help themselves and to make a difference in the community they live in. We are a volunteer driven community with volunteers of all race, age and training.

SOL is a self-supporting and non-profit organization that has started a series of co-ordinated humanitarian projects at the rural parts of Cambodia with the help of our volunteers. This year is our 14th year working with the villagers from Cambodia. Our hope is to bring about positive holistic transformation to the communities we have adopted. Our projects are mostly medical and hygiene education, building and feeding, education of the young. We believe that rather than an adhoc and random effort to empowering young lives, a concerted and well co-ordinated approach is preferred.

We are starting a vocational and life skill training school to empower the Cambodian youth and woman folks so that they can carve a better life and future for themselves and their family.

Locally in Singapore, we run a thrift store @ Aposh Bizhub (Yishun). At our thrift store, project t2t (trash to treasure) allows a given value for the certified poor, homeless and ex-convict to freely shop for their necessity. This project received a good feedback from the beneficiaries.

In all our outreach projects (local and overseas), SOL is careful to ensure that all projects are conducted responsibly and sustainably. All these endeavors are possible because of our volunteers and donors. Our mission is to build a community of people who desires and dare to make a difference for the underprivileged.

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IH BioEnergy Services

Business Innovations

Homeless Hearts is a secular outreach based on Christian values (as the founder is a Christian). But it’s open to all – regardless of race, language or religion. So we hope to help them in whatever ways possible, whether advocating for them, or befriending, or ministering to them – both to the homeless and those who have houses but are homeless in heart. Thus, our team takes a relational approach in helping the homeless, and help them find and get to the relevant social services. Its vision is to help make Singapore into a city of refuge for all who would fall through the cracks, so that they can recover and rebuild their lives again.

Our vision is to establish a society where every migrant workers live a life of dignity. Founded in 2006, HealthServe seeks to meet the needs of migranyt workers in our community through medical care, counselling , social assistance & other support services.

Raygacy is a training company that teaches millennial entrepreneurs how to build their brand from scratch, strategic networking and achieving optimal mental wellness through the R.E.L.A.X. method.

PPP Academy serves to provide actionable, practical and return-on-investment based training programmes to sales professionals and business owners. Geared toward obtaining real results, each training course is focused on the attainment of high returns on investment through a genuine change in mindset, skillset, and toolset. Programme participants are equipped to meet various business challenges from prospecting to closing.
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A Non-Profitable Christian Organization. We reached out to young people to encourage them to live purposefully and seek meaning in life through events, workshops and meet up. Through it, we hope the youth would consider the christian faith and the person of Jesus.

We help startups and SMEs win, keep and grow business through improving their sales capabilities and processes.


In a world full of game players,
the only way to set yourself apart is to be a game changer.
Matshona Dhliwayo

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