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The ONE highlight of Young Trailblazers 2022

– Bringing the conventional innovation competition to a whole new creative level in the face of ever-evolving challenges of Covid-19

– When everyone advises us to postpone or cancel for the safety of all stakeholders, we have ensured safety, exercised social responsibility yet able to gather close to 200 people to have training, discussion, webinar & creation of their prototypes in their virtual discussion rooms.

Tertiary Competition 2021

How was it Done?

  1. Using various TECHNOLOGIES to facilitate the trainings, discussions & interactive webinar & submission of their work in virtual discussion rooms.
  2. Employing PROFESSIONALS to video the trainings & make the training comprehensive, interactive, & discussable.
  3. Having A TEAM OF PEOPLE who tirelessly tried and explore the various online platforms. Ability to have every individual participants to sign in remotely, virtual mass gathering in the zoom space, creating break out rooms for every team for their discussion with mentors who are guiding them step by step.
  4. Engaging slightly more than 20 INDUSTRY LEADERS in their own domains to provide their problem statements and come online to have a quality discussion with the participants.
  5. Having a lively discussion & demonstration via WEBINAR. having the teams to interact, Q&A, and vote & contribute to the webinar discussion & training.
  6. TEAM MENTORS who is guiding each team in every discussion and brainstorming ideas with the young participants. They provided ideas, resources, alternatives for the participants to be more exposed to varied ways of thinking that inspire them to think beyond the Box and know what is really happening out in the working world.
  7. A group OF SATELITE IC, this team coordinates the team mentors and assist any teams who are going spiral or stuck in their discussions. They also coordinate and ensure that team mentors who gathered in each room that consists of not more than 10 pax, is also observing all the necessary measures to keep each other safe and socially responsible for each other.

Where Ideas Become Real

To spark innovation is acquiring the ability to spot the gap between what could be and what is now. The end point of innovation is a creation that improve the lives of its beneficiaries. PYTB is all about guiding our participants through the REAL process to create a bridge in that gap that leaves a positive impact.

  • Relevance of real solutions to real problems
  • Enriching and equipping participants with workshops and resources
  • Add value with validated innovation to end-users 
  • Lean in creating value without additional cost

On the right is Temasek Secondary School Team Protecc’s solution. Overall winner of Secondary 2021.

Proof of concept by team in collaboration with Sandbox, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Competition 2021

Prudential Young Trailblazers 2020 Videos

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