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Did You Ever Dream A Dream So Big People Told You It Would Be Impossible?

Did you ever dream a dream so big people told you it would be impossible?

Have you ever felt that you would make a huge difference in the world some day?

In 2020, the year Singapore was hard hit by the worldwide pandemic and forced into lockdown, one young man and his team continued to dream big.

  • Could we combine modern gaming technology with the way we learn?
  • What if we found a way to promote Singapore in that process?
  • How about coupling financial literacy with the real-time stock market?

That is what Winston and his team came together to achieve, except that they were only eighteen-years-old at that time.

Winston, our Young Trailblazer Competition Alumni, Champion of 2020, together with the support from Acorn Oaktree, investors and many stakeholders, managed to fully design and create their multi player interactive game. This multi-player interactive game that allows one to discover Singapore via a digitally immersive platform. From Gardens by the Bay to the Formula-One night race track, they outdid themselves in pitching an idea that could promote Singapore online, despite physical travel restrictions being enforced worldwide. Best of all, their educational game included a tie up with the real-world stock option, the first of its kind.

Winston and his team even impacted Singapore during the pandemic. Knowing that many would want to attend the National Day Parade but unable to do so because of the situation, Finute, his company, hosted a virtual National Day Parade in August 2020. This together with other achievement, Winston went on to win the National Youth Entrepreneurship Award conferred by the Minister of State, Ms Low Yen Ling, in May 2021.

The Covid-19 pandemic has kept us away from one another and for most of us, away from our workplaces and schools. But this certainly ought not stop ambitious and creative young minds from flourishing in the least.

Winston’s story is truly aligned to the Prudential Young Trailblazer’s heartbeat – where ideas become real.

Visit and experience the interactive game, Vanda Bay here (available from August 2021 onwards):

Read more about his awards here:

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