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    This competition is for any aspiring innovators and budding entrepreneurs. If you are between 15 to 19 years old, have a passion to improve the way things work, have an interest to learn new skills that will pave your future or desire to begin building a network with other entrepreneurs, this is the competition for you.

    This competition is made open to the public. Anyone that fulfills the criteria can sign up on their own and need not represent any organisation. However, teachers or educators can sign up teams to represent their school or organisation.

    Participants should fall within the ages of 15 to 17 years old and is enrolled in either a local secondary school or the Integrated Programme (IP) stream of a local school to qualify for the secondary category. Likewise, participants should fall within the ages of 17 to 19 years old and is enrolled in either a local Polytechnic, a local Institute of Technical Education (ITE), a local Junior College (JC) or the Integrated Programme (IP) stream of a local school to qualify for the tertiary category. Teams are to be comprised of 3 to 5 members. However, if you are signing up less than 3 members, do contact us to receive support.

    Upon completion of payment, participants will receive an invoice and confirmation through email. If you have not received either of it, do kindly contact us!

    The competition period spans according to the stipulated period as mentioned above for each of the category. For Secondary School category, you are required to attend two online hackathons (to help you get ready for the finals where every team gets the chance to pitch. For Tertiary category, you are required to attend a hackathon and pitch your idea across during the finals. During the online hackathon and consultations, you will get receive mentoring session with your mentors.

    The final submissions are:

    1. Validation Template
    2. Prototype
    3. Business Pitch Script and Deck

    For each submission, there will be a guide for participants  to complete them during the hackathon. The workshop topics include Design Thinking, Business Pitch and Social Media Marketing. Participants are allowed to submit their submissions via the platform provided on a later date.

    Apart from the prospects of winning the competition, part of the package includes the privilege of being guided by a team of industry mentors who are entrepreneurs in their own fields. At the end, participants will receive a certificate of participation that would be a boost to their resume. Finally, post competition, participants will be automatically enrolled into our alumni club where networking events and workshops are organised for them.

    There are no themes or scopes in this competition. Participants are encouraged to innovate solutions to real life problems they face or adopt design challenges from the mentors of various industry.


    Every decision starts with the decision to try.
    John F. Kennedy

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