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Past Competition Winners
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2018 Winners
Secondary School Category
Overall Winners:
Best Pitch
Best Innovation

Temasek Secondary School
Team: Sippers

After realising that many of our ideas already existed, we were on the verge of giving up. Inspiration struck when we were thirsty yet did not want to drink plain water. We eventually came up with the idea of popping a pill into plain water so it becomes a healthy yet refreshing fizzy drink.

Best Business Plan

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School
Team: PLights

In order to aid elderly cleaners with the demand of peak hours in hawker centres, we have created a Smart Hawker System that identify tables to clean as well as for patrons to find a clean table at the hawker centre that they are patronising at. This increases efficiency and leads to more customers.

Best Poster

Cedar Girls
Team: Cedar Spark

Our product, also known as EASEy Trolley, is targeted at elderly folks or homemakers who are living with young children aged 4 to 12. This trolley assists them in lifting their bag easily and also encourage the young to be independent to use the trolley during grocery shopping. EASEy Trolley is durable, has easy moving wheels and is child-friendly! In the current market, most trolleys have easy mounting wheels, but we realise that those wheels are not that durable and still cause a jolting effect to the trolley. Hence, EASEy trolley makes use of wheels similar to those of tank tracks with damping effects, which will greatly allow users to pull the EASEy Trolley up slopes or curbs. Additionally, EASEy trolley is also adjustable to suit a child’s height and comes with customizable trolley bags of varying sizes. This makes it child-friendly unlike the ones targeted at adults in the current market!

Most Liked

Hillgrove Secondary School
Team: Unbound Saga

We want to create excitement for classroom learning through gamifying it. By infusing gaming features in English learning, students can have fun while learning. Thus, we have designed a game world, Unbound Saga, that revolves around the use of English as part of solving problems that happened in the world. The basic concept of Unbound Saga is to allow users to create an avatar that will roam the world and complete quests and missions in order to earn in-game currency or items. The method by which this is done is through the correcting of wrong words into correct ones – similar to the grammar editing tasks done at the secondary school level. Unbound Saga would be a useful tool for educators who may consider using it as part of assessment for learning, as well as students who will definitely be interested in mastering the language through gaming.

Tertiary School Category
Overall Winners:
Best Pitch
Best Innovation
Best Business Plan
Best Poster

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science

A pressing problem in Singapore is the increasing need to take care of our ageing population. As caretakers of our elderly folks, it can be challenging to juggle our busy lifestyles and spend time to take care of our elderly folks. We created a one-stop service platform that merges all services that meets the needs of our edlerly folks. 1Care would be the go to app to request for any service, ranging from food to medicine to even a haircut. The result is better focus at work and more quality time spent with our elderly folks.

Most Liked

Raffles Institution
Team: AppRExp

As a students, it can be difficult to promote our school based events and keep track of all the talks and workshops that our school provides amidst our busy schedule. We even have had a friend who could not sell his concert tickets fast enough and eventually resorted to inviting anyone he could ask. We created Ventex, an app that captures events happening in schools all over Singapore. Through this app, students can keep track of events happening both in their school and beyond and sign up for them.


An entrepreneur isn’t a person who owns a business.
It’s someone who makes things happen.
Tim Ferris

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